3rd-Party Documentation for Slick 3

This is a list of Slick 3 related third-party blog articles and documentation we know of. We cannot guarantee for the quality or that they represent our view of things. Please add more entries using a GitHub pull request, if they can teach people something about Slick.

Many useful discussions can also be found at Slick Discussions and on Stack Overflow.

Third-party translations


  • Essential Slick - book designed to help developers become productive with Slick quickly.


  • Scalanator is a new browser-based training service. It contains a free introduction to Slick. N.b. the course and service are under development by the Scalanator team.

  • Essential Slick is a commercial training course. The course description page contains a free recording created for the hands-on workshop held at Scala Exchange in 2015.


Libraries and sbt plugins

  • blocking-slick Provides Slick2 compatible blocking API for Slick3.

  • Slick Code Generation SBT Plugin - This plugin allows you to easily generate slick Table schemas. Take a look at the test-project for example configurations.

  • Slick cats Many cats type class instances for Slick’s DBIO.

  • Using shapeless’s HList - The shapeless library includes an alternative to the built-in Slick HList implementation. A Slick “shape” for the shapeless HList is provide by slickless, meaning you can use shapeless’s HList in your Slick table definitions.

Example projects