Discuss & Get Help

Join the slick/slick channel on Gitter for live chat about Slick. We also have a Slick / ScalaQuery group at Google Groups to discuss Slick or get help with its use.

You can find tags for Slick and ScalaQuery on StackOverflow.

Report Bugs

Please use the issue tracker at GitHub to report bugs and issues.

Show Some Code

Do you have an interesting use case or code sample that could help others? You can share it easily by contributing a Lightbend Activator Template

Hack on Slick

Getting started with working on the Slick codebase is easy. Clone the Slick git repository from All you need is Java 8, git and sbt 0.13. The Slick source code has all embedded databases preconfigured for unit tests, so you can run a comprehensive test suite without any further setup.

We always welcome 3rd-pary pull requests for Slick. Note that you will have to sign the Lightbend Contributor License Agreement (takes two minutes on-line) before we can accept your contributions.

Community Process

The Community Process explains how decisions are made in the Slick project. Please take note of the Code of Conduct as well.


The current maintainers of Slick are: Ashutosh Agarwal, Pawel Batko, Sue Carter, Richard Dallaway, Minglei Tu, Trevor Sibanda, Christopher Vogt, Heikki Vesalainen, Stefan Zeiger


Slick is being developed by open source contributors and industry sponsors.

Lightbend permanently sponsors Slick’s development and integration with other libraries.


Summer project sponsors

Software Mill sponsored a 2016 Summer project to improve the code generator and fix bugs by Trevor Sibanda.

Software Mill

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