package compiler

Slick AST to database query compiler

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Type Members

  1. class AssignTypes extends Phase

    Compute type information for all nodes in the AST.

  2. class AssignUniqueSymbols extends Phase

    Ensure that all symbol definitions in a tree are unique.

  3. abstract class CodeGen extends Phase

    A standard skeleton for a code generator phase.

  4. class CompilerState extends AnyRef

    The current state of a compiler run, consisting of the current AST and additional immutable state of individual phases.

  5. class ConvertToComprehensions extends Phase

    Conversion of basic ASTs to a shape suitable for relational DBs.

  6. class CreateResultSetMapping extends Phase

    Create a ResultSetMapping root node, ensure that the top-level server-side node returns a collection, and hoist client-side type conversions into the ResultSetMapping.

  7. class EmulateOuterJoins extends Phase

    An optional phase which rewrites outer joins into more commonly supported operations for use on databases that lack outer join support.

  8. class ExpandConditionals extends Phase

    Expand multi-column conditional expressions and SilentCasts created by expandSums.

  9. class ExpandRecords extends Phase

    Expand paths of record types to reference all fields individually and recreate the record structure at the call site.

  10. class ExpandSums extends Phase

    Expand sum types and their catamorphisms to equivalent product type operations.

  11. class ExpandTables extends Phase

    Expand table-valued expressions in the result type to their star projection.

  12. class FixRowNumberOrdering extends Phase

    Inject the proper orderings into the RowNumber nodes produced earlier by the resolveFixJoins phase.

  13. class FlattenProjections extends Phase

    Flatten all Pure node contents into a single StructNode.

  14. class ForceOuterBinds extends Phase

    Ensure that all collection operations are wrapped in a Bind so that we have a place for expanding references later.

  15. class FuseComprehensions extends Phase

    Fuse sub-comprehensions into their parents.

  16. class HoistClientOps extends Phase

    Lift operations that are preferred to be performed on the client side out of sub-queries.

  17. class InferTypes extends Phase

    Infer types and compute missing structural views for all nominal table types.

  18. class InsertCompiler extends Phase

    A custom compiler for INSERT statements.

  19. trait Phase extends (CompilerState) ⇒ CompilerState with Logging

    A phase of the query compiler, identified by a unique name

  20. class PruneFields extends Phase

    Remove unreferenced fields from StructNodes and convert unreferenced StructNodes to single columns or ProductNodes (which is needed for aggregation functions and at the top level).

  21. class QueryCompiler extends Logging

    An immutable, stateless query compiler consisting of a series of phases

  22. class RelabelUnions extends Phase

    Assign the AnonSymbols of fields from the left side of a Union to the right side.

  23. class ResolveZipJoins extends Phase

    Rewrite zip joins into a form suitable for SQL (using inner joins and RowNumber columns.

  24. class ResolveZipJoinsState extends AnyRef

  25. class RewriteBooleans extends Phase

    For SQL back-ends which do not support real boolean types for fields and general expressions but which do have special boolean expressions and operators, this phase injects conversions between fake and real boolean values.

  26. class SpecializeParameters extends Phase

    Specialize the AST for edge cases of query parameters.

Value Members

  1. object CodeGen

  2. object InsertCompiler

  3. object Phase

    The Phase companion objects contains ready-to-use Phase objects for the standard phases of the query compiler

  4. object QueryCompiler

  5. object RewriteBooleans

  6. object UnionLeft

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