package slick

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Type Members

  1. class SlickException extends RuntimeException

    All Exceptions that are thrown directly by Slick are of type SlickException.

Value Members

  1. package ast

    Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) for representing queries during compilation

  2. package backend

    Generic backend-related code

  3. package collection

    HList implementation

  4. package compiler

    Slick AST to database query compiler

  5. package dbio

    The dbio package contains the Database I/O Action implementation.

  6. package driver

    Specific database drivers

  7. package jdbc

    JDBC-related code, including all facilities for Plain SQL queries and JDBC-specific driver components.

  8. package lifted

    Lifted embedding: Stable query api based on implicits and overloading lifting Scala code into Slick ASTs

  9. package memory

    In-memory interpretation of queries and scheduler for distributed queries (i.

  10. package model

    Slick schema model

  11. package profile

    Abstract base classes for driver/profile architecture

  12. package relational

  13. package util

    Helper code for various things.