package driver

Specific database drivers

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Type Members

  1. trait DerbyDriver extends JdbcDriver

    Slick driver for Derby/JavaDB.

  2. trait H2Driver extends JdbcDriver

    Slick driver for H2.

  3. trait HsqldbDriver extends JdbcDriver

    Slick driver for HyperSQL (starting with version 2.

  4. class InsertBuilderResult extends AnyRef

  5. trait JdbcActionComponent extends SqlActionComponent

  6. trait JdbcDriver extends SqlDriver with JdbcProfile with JdbcStatementBuilderComponent with JdbcMappingCompilerComponent

    The internal implementation details of JdbcProfile-based drivers.

  7. trait JdbcExecutorComponent extends SqlExecutorComponent

    The part of the driver cake that handles the executor API for running queries.

  8. trait JdbcInsertInvokerComponent extends BasicInsertInvokerComponent

    A slice of the JdbcProfile cake which provides the functionality for different kinds of insert operations.

  9. trait JdbcInvokerComponent extends BasicInvokerComponent

  10. trait JdbcModelComponent extends AnyRef

  11. trait JdbcProfile extends SqlProfile with JdbcActionComponent with JdbcInvokerComponent with JdbcInsertInvokerComponent with JdbcExecutorComponent with JdbcTypesComponent with JdbcModelComponent

    A profile for accessing SQL databases via JDBC.

  12. trait JdbcStatementBuilderComponent extends AnyRef

  13. trait JdbcTypesComponent extends RelationalTypesComponent

  14. trait MySQLDriver extends JdbcDriver

    Slick driver for MySQL.

  15. trait PostgresDriver extends JdbcDriver

    Slick driver for PostgreSQL.

  16. trait SQLiteDriver extends JdbcDriver

    Slick driver for SQLite.

  17. trait AccessDriver extends JdbcDriver

    Slick driver for Microsoft Access via JdbcOdbcDriver.

Value Members

  1. object DerbyDriver extends DerbyDriver

  2. object H2Driver extends H2Driver

  3. object HsqldbDriver extends HsqldbDriver

  4. object JdbcProfile

  5. object JdbcTypesComponent

  6. object MySQLDriver extends MySQLDriver

  7. object PostgresDriver extends PostgresDriver

  8. object SQLiteDriver extends SQLiteDriver

Deprecated Value Members

  1. object AccessDriver extends AccessDriver


    (Since version 2.1) AccessDriver will be removed when we drop support for Java versions < 8

  2. object JdbcDriver extends JdbcDriver

    A generic driver for JDBC-based databases.

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