package jdbc

JDBC-related code, including all facilities for Plain SQL queries and JDBC-specific driver components.

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Type Members

  1. final class ActionBasedSQLInterpolation extends AnyVal

  2. class BaseResultConverter[T] extends ResultConverter[JdbcResultConverterDomain, T]

    Specialized JDBC ResultConverter for non-Option values.

  3. class ConnectionPreparer extends (Connection) ⇒ Unit

    Set parameters on a new Connection.

  4. class DataSourceJdbcDataSource extends JdbcDataSource

    A JdbcDataSource for a DataSource

  5. class DefaultingResultConverter[T] extends ResultConverter[JdbcResultConverterDomain, T]

    Specialized JDBC ResultConverter for handling non-Optionvalues with a default.

  6. trait DriverBasedJdbcDataSource extends JdbcDataSource

    A JdbcDataSource which can load a JDBC Driver from a class name

  7. class DriverJdbcDataSource extends DriverBasedJdbcDataSource

    A JdbcDataSource for lookup via a Driver or the DriverManager

  8. trait GetResult[+T] extends (PositionedResult) ⇒ T

    Basic conversions for extracting values from PositionedResults.

  9. class GetTupleResult[+T <: Product] extends GetResult[T]

    GetResult for tuple types.

  10. class HikariCPJdbcDataSource extends JdbcDataSource

    A JdbcDataSource for a HikariCP connection pool

  11. trait Invoker[+R] extends AnyRef

    Base trait for all statement invokers of result element type R.

  12. trait JdbcBackend extends RelationalBackend

    A JDBC-based database back-end which can be used for Plain SQL queries and with all slick.driver.JdbcProfile-based drivers.

  13. trait JdbcDataSource extends Closeable

    A JdbcDataSource provides a way to create a Connection object for a database.

  14. trait JdbcDataSourceFactory extends AnyRef

    Create a JdbcDataSource from a Config object and an optional JDBC Driver.

  15. abstract class JdbcFastPath[T] extends ResultConverter[JdbcResultConverterDomain, T]

    A ResultConverter that simplifies the implementation of fast path converters for JdbcProfile.

  16. trait JdbcMappingCompilerComponent extends AnyRef

    JDBC driver component which contains the mapping compiler and insert compiler

  17. class JdbcModelBuilder extends Logging

    Build a Slick model from introspecting the JDBC metadata.

  18. trait JdbcResultConverterDomain extends ResultConverterDomain

  19. trait JdbcType[T] extends BaseTypedType[T]

    A JdbcType object represents a Scala type that can be used as a column type in the database.

  20. class LoggingPreparedStatement extends LoggingStatement with PreparedStatement

    A wrapper for java.sql.PreparedStatement that logs statements and benchmark results to the appropriate JdbcBackend loggers.

  21. class LoggingStatement extends Statement

    A wrapper for java.sql.Statement that logs statements and benchmark results to the appropriate JdbcBackend loggers.

  22. trait MutatingInvoker[R] extends Invoker[R]

    A special kind of invoker that allows the result data to be mutated .

  23. trait MutatingStatementInvoker[R] extends StatementInvoker[R] with MutatingInvoker[R]

  24. class OptionResultConverter[T] extends ResultConverter[JdbcResultConverterDomain, Option[T]]

    Specialized JDBC ResultConverter for handling values of type Option[T].

  25. class PositionedParameters extends AnyRef

    A wrapper for a JDBC PreparedStatement which allows inceremental setting of parameters without having to sepcify the column index each time.

  26. abstract class PositionedResult extends Closeable

    A database result positioned at a row and column.

  27. abstract class PositionedResultIterator[+T] extends ReadAheadIterator[T] with CloseableIterator[T]

    An CloseableIterator for a PositionedResult.

  28. sealed abstract class ResultSetConcurrency extends AnyRef

    Represents a result set concurrency mode.

  29. sealed abstract class ResultSetHoldability extends AnyRef

    Represents a result set holdability mode .

  30. abstract class ResultSetInvoker[+R] extends Invoker[R]

    An invoker which calls a function to retrieve a ResultSet.

  31. trait ResultSetMutator[T] extends AnyRef

  32. sealed abstract class ResultSetType extends AnyRef

    Represents a result set type.

  33. case class SQLActionBuilder(queryParts: Seq[Any], unitPConv: SetParameter[Unit]) extends Product with Serializable

  34. trait SetParameter[-T] extends (T, PositionedParameters) ⇒ Unit

    Basic conversions for setting parameters in PositionedParameters.

  35. class SetTupleParameter[-T <: Product] extends SetParameter[T]

    SetParameter for tuple types.

  36. case class SimpleJdbcAction[+R](f: (JdbcActionContext) ⇒ R) extends SynchronousDatabaseAction[R, NoStream, JdbcBackend, All] with Product with Serializable

    A non-streaming Action that wraps a JDBC call.

  37. abstract class StatementInvoker[+R] extends Invoker[R]

    An invoker which executes an SQL statement through JDBC.

  38. class StaticQuery[-P, +R] extends (P) ⇒ Invoker[R]

    A builder for Plain SQL queries.

  39. class StaticQueryInvoker[-P, +R] extends StatementInvoker[R]

    Invoker for Plain SQL queries.

  40. trait StreamingInvokerAction[R, T, -E <: Effect] extends SynchronousDatabaseAction[R, Streaming[T], JdbcBackend, E] with FixedSqlStreamingAction[R, T, E]

    A streaming Action that wraps an Invoker.

  41. sealed abstract class TransactionIsolation extends AnyRef

    Represents a transaction isolation level.

  42. final class SQLInterpolation extends AnyVal


    (Since version 3.0) Use the new Action-based Plain SQL API from driver.api instead

  43. case class SQLInterpolationResult(queryParts: Seq[Any], sp: SetParameter[Unit]) extends Product with Serializable

    Results of SQLInterpolation macros is SQLInterpolationResult objects

  44. class UnmanagedSession extends jdbc.JdbcBackend.SessionDef

    A JDBC Session which is not managed by Slick.

Value Members

  1. object ActionBasedSQLInterpolation

  2. object DriverJdbcDataSource extends JdbcDataSourceFactory

  3. object GetResult

  4. object HikariCPJdbcDataSource extends JdbcDataSourceFactory

  5. object Invoker

  6. object JdbcBackend extends JdbcBackend

  7. object JdbcDataSource

  8. object ResultSetAction

  9. object ResultSetConcurrency

  10. object ResultSetHoldability

  11. object ResultSetInvoker

  12. object ResultSetType

  13. object SQLInterpolation

    Implementation of SQLInterpolation macros based on code in TypedStaticQuery object

  14. object SetParameter

  15. object SpecializedJdbcResultConverter

    Factory methods for JdbcResultConverters which are manually specialized on the underlying JdbcType.

  16. object StaticQuery

  17. object TransactionIsolation

  18. package meta

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