package memory

In-memory interpretation of queries and scheduler for distributed queries (i.e. combining several backends).

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Type Members

  1. trait DistributedBackend extends RelationalBackend with Logging

    The backend for DistributedDriver

  2. class DistributedDriver extends MemoryQueryingDriver with DistributedProfile

  3. trait DistributedProfile extends MemoryQueryingProfile

    A profile and driver for distributed queries.

  4. final case class DriverComputation(compiled: Node, driver: RelationalDriver, tpe: Type) extends NullaryNode with TypedNode with Product with Serializable

    Represents a computation that needs to be performed by another driver.

  5. trait HeapBackend extends RelationalBackend with Logging

    A simple database engine that stores data in heap data structures.

  6. trait MemoryDriver extends RelationalDriver with MemoryQueryingDriver with MemoryProfile

  7. trait MemoryProfile extends RelationalProfile with MemoryQueryingProfile

    A profile and driver for interpreted queries on top of the in-memory database.

  8. trait MemoryQueryingDriver extends BasicDriver with MemoryQueryingProfile

  9. trait MemoryQueryingProfile extends BasicProfile

    The querying (read-only) part that can be shared between MemoryDriver and DistributedDriver.

  10. trait MemoryResultConverterDomain extends ResultConverterDomain

  11. class QueryInterpreter extends Logging

    A query interpreter for the MemoryDriver and for client-side operations that need to be run as part of distributed queries against multiple backends.

Value Members

  1. object DistributedBackend extends DistributedBackend

  2. object HeapBackend extends HeapBackend

  3. object MemoryDriver extends MemoryDriver

  4. object MemoryProfile

  5. object QueryInterpreter

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