package model

Slick schema model

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Type Members

  1. case class Column(name: String, table: QualifiedName, tpe: String, nullable: Boolean, options: Set[ColumnOption[_]] = ...) extends Product with Serializable

  2. case class ForeignKey(name: Option[String], referencingTable: QualifiedName, referencingColumns: Seq[Column], referencedTable: QualifiedName, referencedColumns: Seq[Column], onUpdate: ForeignKeyAction, onDelete: ForeignKeyAction, options: Set[ForeignKeyOption[_]] = ...) extends Product with Serializable

  3. sealed abstract class ForeignKeyAction extends AnyRef

  4. trait ForeignKeyOption[T] extends AnyRef

  5. case class Index(name: Option[String], table: QualifiedName, columns: Seq[Column], unique: Boolean, options: Set[IndexOption[_]] = ...) extends Product with Serializable

  6. trait IndexOption[T] extends AnyRef

  7. case class Model(tables: Seq[Table], options: Set[ModelOption[_]] = ...) extends Product with Serializable

    A container class for Slick's data model The model can have circular references (e.

  8. trait ModelOption[T] extends AnyRef

  9. case class PrimaryKey(name: Option[String], table: QualifiedName, columns: Seq[Column], options: Set[PrimaryKeyOption[_]] = ...) extends Product with Serializable

  10. trait PrimaryKeyOption[T] extends AnyRef

  11. case class QualifiedName(table: String, schema: Option[String] = scala.None, catalog: Option[String] = scala.None) extends Product with Serializable

    Qualified name of a database table

  12. case class Table(name: QualifiedName, columns: Seq[Column], primaryKey: Option[PrimaryKey], foreignKeys: Seq[ForeignKey], indices: Seq[Index], options: Set[TableOption[_]] = ...) extends Product with Serializable

  13. trait TableOption[T] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object ForeignKeyAction

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