package profile

Abstract base classes for driver/profile architecture

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Type Members

  1. trait BasicAction[+R, +S <: NoStream, -E <: Effect] extends DatabaseAction[R, S, E]

  2. trait BasicActionComponent extends AnyRef

  3. trait BasicDriver extends BasicProfile

  4. trait BasicExecutorComponent extends AnyRef

  5. trait BasicInsertInvokerComponent extends AnyRef

  6. trait BasicInvokerComponent extends AnyRef

  7. trait BasicProfile extends BasicInvokerComponent with BasicInsertInvokerComponent with BasicExecutorComponent with BasicActionComponent

    The basic functionality that has to be implemented by all drivers.

  8. trait BasicStreamingAction[+R, +T, -E <: Effect] extends BasicAction[R, Streaming[T], E]

  9. class Capability extends AnyRef

    Describes a feature that can be supported by a driver.

  10. trait FixedBasicAction[+R, +S <: NoStream, -E <: Effect] extends BasicAction[R, S, E]

  11. trait FixedBasicStreamingAction[+R, +T, -E <: Effect] extends BasicStreamingAction[R, T, E] with FixedBasicAction[R, Streaming[T], E]

  12. trait FixedSqlAction[+R, +S <: NoStream, -E <: Effect] extends SqlAction[R, S, E]

  13. trait FixedSqlStreamingAction[+R, +T, -E <: Effect] extends SqlStreamingAction[R, T, E] with FixedSqlAction[R, Streaming[T], E]

  14. trait RelationalActionComponent extends BasicActionComponent

  15. trait RelationalDriver extends BasicDriver with RelationalProfile

  16. trait RelationalProfile extends BasicProfile with RelationalTableComponent with RelationalSequenceComponent with RelationalTypesComponent with RelationalActionComponent

    A profile for relational databases that does not assume the existence of SQL (or any other text-based language for executing statements).

  17. trait RelationalSequenceComponent extends AnyRef

  18. trait RelationalTableComponent extends AnyRef

  19. trait RelationalTypesComponent extends AnyRef

  20. trait SqlAction[+R, +S <: NoStream, -E <: Effect] extends BasicAction[R, S, E]

  21. trait SqlActionComponent extends RelationalActionComponent

  22. trait SqlDriver extends RelationalDriver with SqlProfile with SqlUtilsComponent

  23. trait SqlExecutorComponent extends BasicExecutorComponent

  24. trait SqlProfile extends RelationalProfile with SqlExecutorComponent with SqlTableComponent with SqlActionComponent

    Basic profile for SQL-based drivers.

  25. trait SqlStreamingAction[+R, +T, -E <: Effect] extends BasicStreamingAction[R, T, E] with SqlAction[R, Streaming[T], E]

  26. trait SqlTableComponent extends RelationalTableComponent

  27. trait SqlUtilsComponent extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Capability

  2. object RelationalProfile

  3. object SqlProfile

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