package util

Helper code for various things. Tuples, Logging, SQL, ...

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Type Members

  1. trait AsyncExecutor extends Closeable

    A connection pool for asynchronous execution of blocking I/O actions.

  2. trait CloseableIterator[+T] extends Iterator[T] with Closeable

    An Iterator with a close method to close the underlying data source.

  3. final class ConfigExtensionMethods extends AnyVal

    Extension methods to make Typesafe Config easier to use

  4. case class DumpInfo(name: String, mainInfo: String = "", attrInfo: String = "", children: Iterable[(String, Dumpable)] = ...) extends Product with Serializable

    The information required for dumping a single object

  5. trait Dumpable extends AnyRef

    Interface for types that can be used in a tree dump

  6. trait Logging extends AnyRef

  7. class MacroSupportInterpolation extends AnyRef

  8. abstract class ManagedArrayBlockingQueue[E >: Null <: AnyRef] extends AbstractQueue[E] with BlockingQueue[E]

    A simplified copy of java.util.concurrent.ArrayBlockingQueue with additional logic for temporarily rejecting elements based on the current size.

  9. final class ProductWrapper extends Product

    A Product to represent larger arities than Tuple22

  10. trait ReadAheadIterator[+T] extends BufferedIterator[T]

    An iterator on top of a data source which does not offer a hasNext() method without doing a next()

  11. final case class RefId[E <: AnyRef](e: E) extends Product with Serializable

    A wrapper for a value, which uses reference equality of the wrapped value as its own equality.

  12. final class SQLBuilder extends AnyRef

  13. final class SlickLogger extends AnyRef

  14. class TableDump extends AnyRef

    Utility methods for creating result set debug output.

Value Members

  1. def ??: Nothing

    Throw an UnsupportedOperationException.

    Throw an UnsupportedOperationException. Like ??? but NonFatal.

  2. object AsyncExecutor extends Logging

  3. object CloseableIterator

  4. object ConfigExtensionMethods

  5. object DumpInfo extends Serializable

  6. object GlobalConfig

    Singleton object with Slick's configuration, loaded from the application config.

  7. object MacroSupport

  8. object SQLBuilder

  9. object TreeDump

    Create a readable printout of a tree.

  10. object TupleMethods

    Extension methods for prepending and appending values to tuples

  11. object TupleSupport

    Utility functions for working with tuples of different arities

  12. val ignoreFollowOnError: PartialFunction[Throwable, Unit]

    An exception handler which ignores NonFatal exceptions.

    An exception handler which ignores NonFatal exceptions. It is used when running cleanup code inside of another exception handler to prevent an exception during cleanup from overriding the original one.

  13. package iter

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