Slick 3.2.0-RC1

February 10 2017
by Stefan Zeiger

We have just released Slick 3.2.0-RC1, the first release candidate for Slick 3.2.0. You can find the source code here: Builds for Scala 2.11 and 2.12 are available from Maven Central, as usual. From this release on, Slick requires Java 8. Older JVMs are no longer supported.

This is the first version of Slick with official support for Scala 2.12.

These are the major changes in Slick 3.2:
  • The Slick profiles (previously called “drivers”) for DB2, Oracle and SQL Server are now part of the core open source release. There is no separate Slick Extensions release anymore.
  • Important bug fixes for asynchronous execution of database actions and other parts of the codebase.
  • Logging of statement parameters.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Strip margins of multi-line SQL interpolator strings.
  • JMX monitoring for AsyncExecutor workloads.

You can find details about upgrading from Slick 3.1 in the Migration Guide. Please provide feedback on the stability of this RC if you encounter any problems.

This release contains contributions by the following committers since 3.1.1 (in alphabetical order):

A1kmm, AtkinsChang, ChristopherDavenport, Diagoras, Falmarri, Gacko, Ophirr33, Sumith1896, TakumiSakamoto, TimothyKlim, alexmojaki, alias1, anand-singh, anvyzhang, balagez, bdrupieski, becompany, bomgar, coutoPL, d6y, dangerousben, dant3, djx314, frosforever, hellomaya, hepin1989, hvesalai, igstan, ikr0m, jkinkead, jnavila, knoldus, kwark, lastland, mgenereu, mkotsbak, mustajarvi, mwegrz, naferx, nafg, paul-porter, savulchik, slick, smootoo, stewSquared, szeiger, teozkr, tminglei, trevorsibanda, virusdave, wsargent, xavier-fernandez, xevix

Here is a complete list of changes since 3.1.1
  • 4ce95aae Release 3.2.0-RC1
  • 7fb013e4 Add migration guide and remove 3.1 bincompat shims
  • 50411ba3 Change some type params in Shape.
  • e96bfd25 Fix unique constraints on H2
  • 6ed7333a Require maxConnections in DataSourceJdbcDataSource
  • fff1c21c Fix a typo in JdbcBackend.scala.
  • 11292e56 Bump HikariCP to latest version (v2.5.1)
  • 0e869e94 make generated case classes final by default.
  • 30d9c413 Fix zip join regression on SQL Server
  • dbe94de6 Disable SMALLSERIAL test case on Postgres
  • 667ffd54 Fix CI problems:
  • 54caa47a Fixed documentation on ColumnOptions
  • 65a209e8 Fix sbt failures on AppVeyor
  • 2372b5e9 Improving readability.
  • 9e8a8adb Fix a typo
  • bf2b0dbe Mark countDistinct as deprecated #1651
  • 5cfbd2ef Merge LIMIT on top of DISTINCT
  • dea877f0 Unified expansion of table types with same baseIdentity
  • f83fb1c0 Upgrade scala to 2.12.0 and sbt to 0.13.13
  • bbeb956b Replace nbsp by proper space in SQL setup script
  • d80eb850 Escape code generator default string
  • 9d2da02e Update
  • e884c9e4 Moving to non-overloaded method name - #1192
  • ffbd9cc0 Update
  • 26b0be84 Fix typo in queries.rst
  • 9ce52564 Add newline to end of postgres.sql test script
  • 34de0351 JdbcModelBuilder handles normal BigDecimal defaults
  • 07b9c987 Fixes #1557, #1000
  • 8a38fe74 Fix BigDecimal Default value issue in Oracle
  • 51e14f27 MySQL modelbuilder schema name (#1528)
  • f9982326 add ‘override’ for scala/scala#5331
  • 54df14c0 ReadAheadIterator headOptionReverseCompatibility Altered To Final Value Class
  • a6e1260e Adjust comment.
  • 82d39b41 Replace fakeNullable with asOption. Backward compatibility.
  • e29c0914 Adding option to wrap exposedType in an Option even though the column is not
  • a69b6761 remove duplicate word
  • 443af071 SQlServer use Short instead of Byte for TINYINT
  • 5e611cf9 Update Readme to add build status link to slick appveyor build
  • 5f3cee40 Use DELETE instead of TRUNCATE for DB2
  • fd6c6378 Fixed DB2 truncate statement
  • 15350e67 Add table truncate feature
  • b9e8730c Added possible cause to shape implictNotFound error
  • 248bf188 Improve mysql string type inference
  • 2e323a9f Fix mysql codegen numeric default
  • e53c400c Fix compile error if postgres is not enable in test-dbs
  • f632d10e Add test case to text, varchar, char with default value.
  • 41ceb9ec Support numeric default value both 9.4 and 9.5+, fix testcase
  • 878538bb test against postgresql 9.4
  • d11238e8 Fix default value generation for postgresql columns include #1123, testcase.
  • 707795f4 Generate MySQL DELETE queries more amenable to optimizations
  • 47f62a96 Update orm-to-slick.rst
  • 029396dc Update queries.rst
  • 03a22d31 Implement Implicit Class with Extension Method
  • fb9a496f Removed headOption from ReadAheadIterator
  • 6e8b1bb8 Add DB2,Oracle into travis build and add Appveyor build for SQLServer
  • 6a617046 Improve error messsage for returning a non-AutoInc column on unsupported DBMS
  • 97758946 Adding overloaded sequence method for Option, simple test - #1192
  • c5d504a2 Exclude derby from test ‘testInsertOrUpdatePlainWithFuncDefinedPK’
  • a0eb1ee1 Improvements to teskit for simplifying tests using action-based queries
  • 5dd4f31f Fixing tminglei/slick-pg#288 and slick/slick#966
  • 6b59d0fc Implemented O.Unique Column Option
  • b33d506e Update Scala versions to 2.11.8 + 2.12.0-M5
  • d3a933ce Expose AsyncExecutor workload to monitoring via JMX
  • 84dc188e fixes issue 1274
  • 55786626 Ignore sqlite indices generated by autoindex feature.
  • deae7c85 slick-migration-api is now released from slick 3.x
  • 297f9965 Add flyways migration
  • 13fbd7f4 Update queries.rst
  • dd4c8a65 Edit the migration.rst.
  • d388e3f3 Document the available database migration tools.
  • 034ca4b8 Fixed codegen cyclic dependency on table ‘Table’ and added tests
  • f3626f33 Provide more options for the AsyncExecutor
  • bf556125 added: test for forceInsertQuery fixes
  • d00eaf73 fixed: forceInsertQuery with identical values issue
  • 8143d26a Match tutorial prose with code samples and new API
  • 2a06b58c Add JDBC statement parameter logging
  • 778269a6 Include hikaricp in Getting Started dependencies.
  • 93a33472 Add note on batch insert behaviour
  • 8bab1566 Fix error in the test.
  • 1f493265 Add quoting of table names and fk in ALTER TABLE for MySQL
  • 50528fff Fix AutoInc for H2.
  • ecd2f156 Add quoting of table names and fk in ALTER TABLE for MySQL
  • e8817bc3 Treat non-constant UUID defaults as no default.
  • 919609fe SelectForUpdate support
  • 0b8e05b9 Remove parens from codegen example URI
  • f505312d Update CodeGenerator.scala
  • 067c5a4d Update docs to include code generator with a config URI
  • 04e67f6e add text type to postgres column builder
  • 59452e22 minor versions dependencies update
  • 150068dd Update database.rst
  • a5b497a2 Actually pass the typeName to JdbcModelBuilder.jdbcTypeToScala
  • 6caaea3a Add database rollback documentation.
  • acf9bd5d Make poolName configurable again to support JMX
  • ebd93486 Bump up sbt version to 0.13.9
  • 1e5b1908 Update
  • 528eb170 Hardcode ignoreInvalidDefaults to true
  • 1a9cb1eb Update Typesafe copyright header current year
  • 81b6919b Add Slick Extensions drivers
  • 11196d73 Add init call to getParrentLogger per PR comments
  • 9c73813a Fix of #1400 - race in DriverDataSource.init
  • 49e8fe50 Update queries.rst
  • 6cf07efd Fix some issues found using static code analysis tools
  • 86a2e76e Use ‘for’ loops instead of ‘while’ ones on ‘JdbcTypesComponent.scala’
  • 372bf61f DBType doesn’t work at slick 3.1
  • 17a0267a Replace TableQuery’s obsolete “ddl” method name with “schema” in docs
  • 147a28d7 remove deprecated view bound code
  • ba9f9981 slick add explicit return type for implicit conversion
  • 06af1ed5 small typo
  • 886a14d0 fix some spelling/grammar errors in the docs
  • 4d07e94e slick #1334 add DBIOAction.collect
  • c9354371 Change deprecated TableQuery reference
  • c9d84db8 Fix Sphinx warning caused by too short underline.
  • 00f3ea7f Add documentation for building Sphinx documentation.
  • 221905a1 Add custom ‘circle.yml’ for running all the test using the oraclejdk8
  • ef671539 Throw exception on non boolean argument to ignoreInvalidDefaults
  • 8fe849e7 Added ignoreInvalidDefaults parameter to codegen main method
  • 280b5e90 Add an example of using a subselect in a delete.
  • 24a27406 Update the example data url
  • 1f2df845 +slick #1333 add zipWith to DBIOAction
  • 48122359 +slick #1329 add flatten to DBIOAction
  • 2e6a35ef Remove duplicate reactive-streams bundle from osgitests/osgiBundleFiles
  • f8fde989 Some documentation improvements
  • 9fe32269 fix transaction for postgresql upsert
  • 9e88a9ba Add strip margin functionality to SQL-interpolated strings
  • e46a0a53 Package structure refactoring
  • ca19b6e0 Also generate set and update in mapTo fast-path converters.
  • de88a610 Generate Fast Path Converters in .mapTo
  • 3e297601 Move simple Fast Path API up to RelationalProfile
  • d980dbb2 Add a macro-based operator for mapping projections to case classes
  • 44687335 Some simplifications that were enabled by bug fixes in Scala 2.11
  • ef65d0b2 Run Reactive Streams tests with ScalaTest
  • 20aed4ca Require Java 8 and Scala 2.11

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