package lifted

Lifted embedding: Stable query api based on implicits and overloading lifting Scala code into Slick ASTs

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Type Members

  1. abstract class AbstractTable[T] extends Rep[T]

    The driver-independent superclass of all table row objects.

  2. trait AbstractTableShapeImplicits extends RepShapeImplicits

  3. trait Aliases extends AnyRef

    Aliases for lifted embedding features.

  4. final class AnyExtensionMethods extends AnyVal

    Extension methods for all columns and all primitive values that can be lifted to columns

  5. final class AnyOptionExtensionMethods[O <: Rep[_], P] extends AnyVal

    Extension methods for Options of single- and multi-column values

  6. class AppliedCompiledFunction[PU, R <: Rep[_], RU] extends RunnableCompiled[R, RU]

  7. final class BaseColumnExtensionMethods[P1] extends AnyVal with ColumnExtensionMethods[P1, P1] with BaseExtensionMethods[P1]

  8. trait BaseExtensionMethods[B1] extends ExtensionMethods[B1, B1]

  9. final class BaseJoinQuery[+E1, +E2, U1, U2, C[_], +B1, +B2] extends WrappingQuery[(E1, E2), (U1, U2), C]

  10. final class BaseNumericColumnExtensionMethods[P1] extends AnyVal with NumericColumnExtensionMethods[P1, P1] with BaseExtensionMethods[P1]

  11. trait BaseTag extends Tag

    A Tag marking the base table instance itself

  12. final class BooleanColumnExtensionMethods[P1] extends AnyVal with ExtensionMethods[Boolean, P1]

    Extension methods for Rep[Boolean] and Rep[Option[Boolean]]

  13. trait CanBeQueryCondition[-T] extends (T) ⇒ Rep[_]

    A typeclass for types that can be used as predicates in filter calls.

  14. class CaseClassShape[P <: Product, LiftedTuple, LiftedCaseClass <: P, PlainTuple, PlainCaseClass <: P] extends MappedScalaProductShape[FlatShapeLevel, P, LiftedCaseClass, PlainCaseClass, LiftedCaseClass]

    A generic case class shape that can be used to lift a case class of plain Scala types to a case class of lifted types.

  15. trait ColumnExtensionMethods[B1, P1] extends ExtensionMethods[B1, P1]

    Extension methods for all columns

  16. case class ColumnOrdered[T](column: Rep[T], ord: Ordering) extends Ordered with Product with Serializable

    A Column with an associated Ordering.

  17. trait ColumnsShapeLevel extends FlatShapeLevel

    ShapeLevel that only allows records of individual columns.

  18. trait Compilable[T, C <: Compiled[T]] extends AnyRef

    Typeclass for types that can be contained in a Compiled container.

  19. trait CompilableFunctions extends CompilableLowPriority

  20. trait CompilableLowPriority extends AnyRef

  21. sealed trait Compiled[T] extends AnyRef

    A possibly parameterized query that will be cached for repeated efficient execution without having to recompile it every time.

  22. abstract class CompiledExecutable[R, RU] extends RunnableCompiled[R, RU] with CompilersMixin

  23. class CompiledFunction[F, PT, PU, R <: Rep[_], RU] extends Compiled[F] with CompilersMixin

  24. abstract class CompiledStreamingExecutable[R, RU, EU] extends CompiledExecutable[R, RU] with StreamableCompiled[R, RU, EU]

  25. trait CompilersMixin extends AnyRef

  26. class ConstColumn[T] extends TypedRep[T]

    A scalar value that is known at the client side at the time a query is executed.

  27. trait ConstColumnShapeImplicits extends RepShapeImplicits

  28. trait Constraint extends AnyRef

    Marker trait for foreign key and primary key constraints.

  29. trait Executable[T, TU] extends AnyRef

    Typeclass for types that can be executed as queries.

  30. trait ExtensionMethodConversions extends ExtensionMethodConversionsLowPriority

  31. trait ExtensionMethodConversionsLowPriority extends AnyRef

  32. trait ExtensionMethods[B1, P1] extends Any

  33. trait FlatShapeLevel extends NestedShapeLevel

    ShapeLevel that does not allow nested collections.

  34. final class ForeignKey extends AnyRef

    Represents a foreign key.

  35. class ForeignKeyQuery[E <: AbstractTable[_], U] extends WrappingQuery[E, U, Seq] with Constraint

    A query that selects data linked by a foreign key.

  36. final class FunctionSymbolExtensionMethods extends AnyRef

    Utility methods for internal use in the lifted embedding

  37. class Index extends AnyRef

    An index (or foreign key constraint with an implicit index).

  38. class Isomorphism[A, B] extends AnyRef

    An isomorphism between two types that can be used for mapped column types.

  39. final case class LiteralColumn[T](value: T)(implicit tt: TypedType[T]) extends ConstColumn[T] with Product with Serializable

    A column with a constant value which is inserted into an SQL statement as a literal.

  40. abstract class MappedProductShape[Level <: ShapeLevel, C, M <: C, U <: C, P <: C] extends ProductNodeShape[Level, C, M, U, P]

    Base class for ProductNodeShapes with a type mapping

  41. class MappedProjection[T, P] extends Rep[T]

  42. abstract class MappedScalaProductShape[Level <: ShapeLevel, C <: Product, M <: C, U <: C, P <: C] extends MappedProductShape[Level, C, M, U, P]

    Base class for ProductNodeShapes with a type mapping to a type that extends scala.

  43. trait MappedTo[T] extends MappedToBase

    The base type for automatically mapped column types.

  44. trait MappedToBase extends Any

  45. trait NestedShapeLevel extends ShapeLevel

    ShapeLevel that allows nested collections.

  46. trait NumericColumnExtensionMethods[B1, P1] extends ExtensionMethods[B1, P1]

    Extension methods for numeric columns

  47. final class OptionColumnExtensionMethods[B1] extends AnyVal with ColumnExtensionMethods[B1, Option[B1]] with OptionExtensionMethods[B1]

  48. trait OptionExtensionMethods[B1] extends ExtensionMethods[B1, Option[B1]]

  49. sealed trait OptionLift[M, O] extends AnyRef

    A typeclass that lifts a mixed type to the packed Option type.

  50. sealed trait OptionLiftLowPriority extends AnyRef

  51. trait OptionMapper[BR, R] extends (Rep[BR]) ⇒ Rep[R]

  52. sealed trait OptionMapper2[B1, B2, BR, P1, P2, R] extends OptionMapper[BR, R]

    @implicitNotFound( ... )
  53. sealed trait OptionMapper3[B1, B2, B3, BR, P1, P2, P3, R] extends OptionMapper[BR, R]

    @implicitNotFound( ... )
  54. final class OptionNumericColumnExtensionMethods[B1] extends AnyVal with NumericColumnExtensionMethods[B1, Option[B1]] with OptionExtensionMethods[B1]

  55. trait OptionShapeImplicits extends AnyRef

  56. class Ordered extends AnyRef

  57. final class Parameters[PU, PP] extends AnyRef

  58. case class PrimaryKey(name: String, columns: IndexedSeq[Node]) extends Constraint with Product with Serializable

    An explicit primary key.

  59. class ProductClassShape[E <: Product, C <: Product] extends MappedScalaProductShape[FlatShapeLevel, Product, C, E, C]

    A generic Product class shape that can be used to lift a class of plain Scala types to a class of lifted types.

  60. abstract class ProductNodeShape[Level <: ShapeLevel, C, M <: C, U <: C, P <: C] extends Shape[Level, M, U, P]

    Base class for Shapes of record values which are represented by ProductNodes in the AST.

  61. trait ProvenShape[U] extends AnyRef

    A limited version of ShapedValue which can be constructed for every type that has a valid shape.

  62. sealed abstract class Query[+E, U, C[_]] extends QueryBase[C[U]]

    An instance of Query represents a query or view, i.

  63. sealed trait QueryBase[T] extends Rep[T]

  64. abstract class RefTag extends Tag

    A Tag for table instances that represent a Node

  65. trait Rep[T] extends AnyRef

    Common base trait for all lifted values, including columns.

  66. final case class RepOption[T](base: ShapedValue[_, _], toNode: Node) extends Rep[Option[T]] with Product with Serializable

    Represents Rep[Option[T]] in all cases where T is not a column base type.

  67. trait RepShapeImplicits extends OptionShapeImplicits

  68. trait RunnableCompiled[R, RU] extends Compiled[R]

    A compiled value that can be executed to obtain its result.

  69. abstract class Shape[Level <: ShapeLevel, -Mixed_, Unpacked_, Packed_] extends AnyRef

    A type class that encodes the unpacking Mixed => Unpacked of a Query[Mixed] to its result element type Unpacked and the packing to a fully packed type Packed, i.

  70. trait ShapeLevel extends AnyRef

    The level of a Shape, i.

  71. case class ShapedValue[T, U](value: T, shape: Shape[_ <: FlatShapeLevel, T, U, _]) extends Rep[U] with Product with Serializable

    A value together with its Shape

  72. trait SimpleBinaryOperator extends BinaryNode

    A SimpleBinaryOperator gets translated to a binary operator call in SQL.

  73. trait SimpleExpression extends Node

    A SimpleExpression allows arbitrary SQL code to be generated.

  74. trait SimpleFunction extends Node

    A SimpleFunction gets translated to a plain function call or JDBC/ODBC scalar function {fn .

  75. final case class SimpleLiteral(name: String)(tpe: Type) extends NullaryNode with TypedNode with Product with Serializable

    A SimpleLiteral is inserted verbatim into a SQL query string.

  76. final class SingleColumnQueryExtensionMethods[B1, P1, C[_]] extends AnyVal

    Extension methods for Queries of a single column

  77. trait StreamableCompiled[R, RU, EU] extends RunnableCompiled[R, RU]

    A compiled value that can be executed to obtain its result as a stream of data.

  78. trait StreamingExecutable[T, TU, EU] extends Executable[T, TU]

    Typeclass for types that can be executed as streaming queries, i.

  79. final class StringColumnExtensionMethods[P1] extends AnyVal with ExtensionMethods[String, P1]

    Extension methods for Rep[String] and Rep[Option[String]]

  80. class TableQuery[E <: AbstractTable[_]] extends Query[E, lifted.TableQuery.E.TableElementType, Seq]

    Represents a database table.

  81. sealed trait Tag extends AnyRef

    A Tag marks a specific row represented by an AbstractTable instance.

  82. final class ToShapedValue[T] extends AnyVal

  83. final class TupleShape[Level <: ShapeLevel, M <: Product, U <: Product, P <: Product] extends ProductNodeShape[Level, Product, M, U, P]

    Shape for Scala tuples of all arities

  84. trait TupleShapeImplicits extends AnyRef

  85. class WrappingQuery[+E, U, C[_]] extends Query[E, U, C]

Value Members

  1. object CanBeQueryCondition

  2. object Case

    Case provides a DSL for conditional statements in the query language.

  3. object Compilable extends CompilableFunctions

  4. object Compiled

  5. object Executable

  6. object ForeignKey

  7. object FunctionSymbolExtensionMethods

  8. object Functions

    Contains stand-alone database functions for use in queries.

  9. object MappedProjection

  10. object MappedToBase

  11. object OptionLift extends OptionLiftLowPriority

  12. object OptionMapper2

  13. object OptionMapper3

  14. object OptionMapperDSL

  15. object Ordered

  16. object Parameters

  17. object ProvenShape

  18. object Query

    The companion object for Query contains factory methods for creating queries.

  19. object Rep

  20. object RepShape extends Shape[FlatShapeLevel, Rep[_], Any, Rep[_]]

    Shape for Rep values (always fully packed)

  21. object Shape extends ConstColumnShapeImplicits with AbstractTableShapeImplicits with TupleShapeImplicits

  22. object ShapedValue extends Serializable

  23. object SimpleBinaryOperator

  24. object SimpleExpression

  25. object SimpleFunction

  26. object SimpleLiteral extends Serializable

  27. object StreamingExecutable extends StreamingExecutable[Rep[Any], Any, Any]

    A prototype StreamingExecutable instance for Rep types.

  28. object TableQuery

  29. object TableQueryMacroImpl

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